Nicholas Kraemer appointed Principal Guest Conductor in Kristiansand

March 29, 2011

Nicholas Kraemer joins the team at the Kristiansand Symphony Orchestra in Norway as Principal Guest Conductor. This week he conducts the ensemble for a programme of Mozart, Beethoven, Telemann and Haydn.

Rolf Gupta, chief conductor and artistic director, Kristiansand Symphony Orchestra commented
“Nicholas Kraemer’s friendly and positive style of leadership combined with his deep insights into baroque and classical music draw the best out of the Kristiansand Symphony Orchestra’s musicians. We are proud to be able to welcome him as principal guest conductor.”

Alexander Taylor, programme director, Kristiansand Symphony Orchestra added
“There is a very special kind of energy created when an orchestra really clicks with a conductor. Nicholas Kraemer’s first visit to Kristiansand Symphony Orchestra in 2008 was a truly memorable experience and subsequent collaborations have been equally successful. Having already built up a mutual trust and understanding we look forward to many more inspiring collaborations, especially when we move into one of Europe’s finest concert halls in 2012.”

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